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Hypnosis Award

Welcome to the Hypnosis Online Excellence 5 Star Award page.

If you have arrived at this page you have probably come from a website about hypnosis, where the website has been nominated or received an award for Hypnosis Online Excellence.


Which Websites Can Receive this award?

That’s simple! Any website that promotes hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy, forensic hypnosis and even stage hypnosis in a professional and responsible manner is eleigible for the award. As well as receiving the Hypnosis Online Excellence Award, websites receive an upgraded link in the Hypnosis Online Links page, as well as VIP Membership - Free!

This Award is Not For Sale !

Before we give the award, we examine each page of the site and ensure that what the website says about hypnosis is responsible and accurate,  and  that the website promotes hypnosis in a professional and responsible manner.


5 Star Award for
Hypnosis Online Excellence


The Site must:

Be Accurate. We'e looking for sites that hold hypnosis in high esteem. But we do also recognize that not everything about hypnosis is well understood. If you do say something controversial, please substantiate it with references.

Have Content: On the other hand, just because it is pretty it doesn't mean it's guaranteed an award. It will need to have substance.

Be Professional The website must be pleasing to the eye and be well laid out. A site may have good content but be let down because it is laid out in a poor or confusing way. It might also motivate some of the content rich sites that are poorly laid out to tidy up their sites.


In short, almost any website about hypnosis is eligible! On the other hand, it might be better to consider who isn’t eligible as there are many sits that have no idea what hypnosis is really about,  or they are simply sales sites cashing in on hypnosis as well as other sites that portray hypnosis in an less than honest fashion. 

I have put a lot of time into my site. Can I nominate it?

Yes! You can nominate your own site. You don’t have to be nominated by stranger or visitor to your site. It is understood that not everybody who will visit your site will appreciate the time and effort you have put ino your site,  and many people who do visit it may not be the "recommending" types. Besides, there is nothing wrong with feeling proud about the work you have done.


There are some sites that will NOT be considered for this Award. While mosts sites will be considered (and receive the award or be ruled out for various reasons as outline above,) there are sites that will not be considered. These websites use hypnosis in a demeaning or downgrading fashion. Sites using hypnosis for 'gratuitous' sex, hypnosis xxx, hypnodom, fetish and others will simply not be considered.


All we need is the website URL and name of the site and a few words as to why you feel the website you have nominated is deserving of the 5 Star Award. We will visit the site and if your suggestion and our expectations match, we'll get in touch and let them know! All we ask from the Award winning site is they become a VIP (free) member and link to this website with their award. Once the owner of the website gets back in contact that the award is on site and linked back to this site, they will be placed in the Superior Section of the Professional Hypnosis Links Directory: Award for Hypnosis Excellence Online.


Do You Disagree With an Awarded Site?

If you find that any site with the 5 Start Hypnosis Online Excellence Award on their site and you feel does not merit it, please get in contact.
As the web is fluid, it is possible for sites that have received the award to slip, be sold to another  or simply not stay up-to-date.

Remember, a site that may have received the Hypnosis Online Excellence Award in the past may no longer have kept up and be excelling in the same way today.

But, if the site really has "lost the plot" we will ask them to remove their award (although that ultimately is up to them,) but they will lose their Award listing in the Hypnosis Awards Links.


See all the 5 Star Award winners: To legimately have the award, the recipient must be listed on the 5 Star Award for Hypnosis Online Excellence. If they are not listed on the page, they have either 'stolen' the award from another site, or have had the award rescinded. Please contact us if you find a site that has the award on their website site and the award and/or text on their website  is not linked to the page or not listed on the page.

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