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Added on 23/12/2007 
This site is awesome. I love it, I find the info on the site very useful, thanx hypnosis online.

Nadia Seede

Added on 25/12/2007 
At last a professional website with professional resources - well done.

Gerry Feeney

Added on 28/12/2007 
I use this website all the time, it is a totally great resource.

Samantha Hussey

Added on 30/12/2007 
An excellent site. I can see it being of great benefit to me and to any body else that has an interest in hypnotism.

Don Thickins

Added on 08/01/2008 
Just the variety and range of resources, script videos, mp3s... I could go on and go!

The number of helpful articles and the effort placed into them is, quite personally, almost uplifting to see.

The only thing I'm confused about is why they provide all this information and these articles free. Shows that profit isn't all that's on their minds. Possibly the only hypsonis site I've seen with this much free information.

5 stars.

Monica Li

Added on 06/06/2008 
This is the site I've been looking for!!. I'm just beginning to explore what's available to me. It was recommended by a friend and I will be sure to pass it on to all my other friends. Brilliant!

Gillian Earnshaw

Added on 31/08/2008 
What a wonderful website! So much material and infomation all found on one page, with videos, mp3s scripts and many other things! Glad I stumbled upon it!

Anita Kashyap

Added on 29/12/2008 
I have searched and tried different sites - I have found this at last! What wealth of ...things available. I am very excited to have joined.

Paulina Wright

Added on 23/09/2009 
This is a great web site. I love being able to read & use parts of various scripts for free to use with my clients. There is so much helpful information!

Amy Vinar

Added on 06/10/2009 
I loved this site i had problems with excessive guilt and after using the scripts i am a normal person with normal guilt levels.

john franklin

Added on 22/01/2010 
I have placed the link to this fantastic site on my forum in the links section. I have many friends that will be interested in this link, and I'm sure they will find it as facinating as I have.

Stephen Kay

Love this site has very proffesional items I could write forever about this site on any blog.

Blake Hurr

Added on 19/07/2010 
As a relatively new (and broke!) hypnotist, I use this site frequently and have found much value in it. Everything from articles to scripts have been useful. I recommend it highly!

Mary McKinley

Added on 01/10/2010 
Awesome site! I used the free scripts and the tutorial to create my own hypnosis recording to change my eating habits. I can't wait to work on changing the beliefs that are holding me back from living to my full potential.

Lori Saulibio

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